The protected waters have become a dream location for kayakers, canoers, and boaters.  The wreck of the Gunilda lies just offshore and is a popular site for technical dives.  The Casque Isle Hiking Trail begins in Rossport.  Other favourite pastimes are hunting, fishing, beachcombing, rock collecting, bird-watching, photography, golfing, and even sand castle building.  For wildlife lovers, there are frequent sightings of deer, moose, bear, eagles and blue heron; occasionally one can also observe otter, owls, pileated woodpeckers, fox, and wolves.  Winter activities include skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing, while snowmobilers can enjoy the miles of groomed trails linking the communities of the North Shore and offering the most scenic views and wilderness adventures in Ontario.

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park
attractions__rainbowFalls.jpg (49036 bytes) Cascading waters plunge over the rock ledges of Rainbow Falls on their way to Lake Superior. Trails, including the Casque-Isles section of the Voyageur Trail, lead to panoramic views. Choose to camp near the beaches of Whitesand Lake or along the rugged shore of Lake Superior at the Rossport Campground. 
Visit the Parks Ontario Website for More Information.
Aquasabon Falls & Gorge
attractions_Aguasabon_Falls.jpg (8224 bytes) One hundred feet of awe inspiring water and mist, thundering into Aguasabon Gorge on its way to the lake.  Pull of Highway 17 just before Terrace Bay to access the parking lot and Boardwalk.  After viewing the falls, take a shore drive to Terrace Bay Beach to view the outflow and hike across the bridge at the start of the Casque Isles Trail.
Visit the Terrace Bay Website for More Information
attractions_museums.jpg (44545 bytes) Both the Rossport Caboose Museum, and the Schreiber Railway Museum offer unique insights to the fishing, mining and railway heritage of the North Shore. These very accessible and special displays will be of interest to the entire family.
attractions_battleisland_lighthouse.jpg (57448 bytes) attractions__rossport_islands.jpg (14478 bytes)
Battle Island 

The Rossport 


 Whether it be stretches of golden sand, terraced pebbled beach or a shoreline of granite slabs or volcanic rock ther are many beautiful lakeshore spots to visit around Rossport, or further afield in Schreiber or Terrace Bay.
Rossport beach 
about_rossport_2.jpg (94470 bytes) The Great Trail Take a good book, swim and play on the sandbar, have a picnic, bring your kayak to launch as Rossport is an access point for the Trans Canada Water Trail. Washrooms, gazebo and picnic tables area available. Youngsters can use the swings and climbing set. Play beach volleyball on the new court, or a quick round of basketball. Walk around the rocks to the second beach by the highway and take a short hike on the Rossport Coastal Trail (east end of beach).

The Village of Rossport has been chosen as a "Champion Community of The Great Trail".
Schreiber Beach
Kim Filane - Rock Fun at Schreiber Beach.JPG Go down Isbister Drive, just past the subway to reach Schreiber Beach.  Handicap accessible it has breathtaking view of Lake Superior from the pebbled beach. Hiking trails, Picnic tables, washrooms and a gazebo are available.
Terrace Bay Beach
Ida Pytyck - Footprints in the Sand.jpg A long beautiful stretch of sand beach protecting the harbour at the outflow from Aguasabon Falls. Close to the golf course, with picnic tables and washrooms. Go for a spectacular walk over the lower falls bridge at the start of the Casque Isle Trail (east end)
Canoeor Kayak
rossport_kayak.jpg (93049 bytes) Bring your own canoe or Kayak and explore the offshore coves, beaches and sea caves. Launch from the park or the harour.  Stay in the protected waters and enjoy overnight camping on one of the many island sites.  If you do not have your own equipment, consider renting from our local outfitter, or even take a one or two day course and guided tour of the islands and lighthouse.
Visit Superior Outfitters Website for more Information
Exploring the Gunilda
A depth of 265 feet/80.8 meters and Canada's stringent regulation of its underwater resources ensures that the Gunilda gets few visitors. The craft, now protected as a Heritage Shipwreck, resisted attempts to raise her, and has since been explored by two submersibles, a hard-hat diver and few scuba divers, at least officially. Only pictures can be taken. Penetration is not permitted, and even silt is to be left undisturbed as a way of preserving the wreck.
There are number short hikes in the Rossport area or on the Islands, which explore the incredible beauty of the Lake and Boreal Forest.
Rossport Coastal Trail
The Great Trail This is our newest "Recreational Trail" which starts at the east end or Rossport and meanders along the shore of Lake Superior. Enjoy beautiful beaches, breathtaking views of Lake Superior and some of the islands of the Rossport archepelago. This is a 1.5 km (3km return) trail and is part of The Great Trail.
Red Chair Experience Parks Canada "Red Chair" experience is all about connecting Canadians with nature. The Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area installed a set of "Red Chairs" on a section of the Rossport Coastal Trail. Come and explore!
Casques Isles Hiking Trail
The Casques-Isles hiking trail begins in Terrace Bay, along the spectacular 100 foot Aguasabon Falls & Gorge, the trail follows the shoreline, hopping from bay to bay until finally reaching Rossport, the total length being 52 km. The trail is divided into 5 sections. These sections vary in hiking time and difficulty so that both the advanced and the amateur hiker can enjoy the north shore of Lake Superior. 
Visit the Casque Isles Information page on theSchreiber Website.
All of which is part of the
Voyageur Hiking Trail
Group of Seven Touring Route
The scenic harbour and inland islands of Rossport provided inspiration to Lawren Harris and many contemporary painters to the Group of Seven. You’ll find an interpretive installation in Wardrop Park as well as the start of the Rossport Coastal Trail, which winds its way for 1.5 km along Lake Superior to the Roadside Park Rest Area. After visiting the park,stop by the government dock for a view of Quarry Island from a vantage point close to where Harris painted Rossport, Lake Superior in 1921
Aguasabon Golf Course
Some of the things that make this course special include: affordable membership and green fees, quick playing times (9 holes less than 2 hours), incredible scenic views, and easy access to from local hotels. Check out the Aguasabon Golf Club website for more information.
The Rossport area is well suited for camping due to its vast wilderness and rugged natural beauty. No mater how you like to camp whether it is a tent or recreational vehicle, there is something for everyone. Campers can enjoy the splendor of the forest, while maintaining close proximity to local services and amenities. In addition, there is a myriad of activities for visitors to enjoy, from boating and canoeing to hiking and fishing.
For more information visit:Aguasabon Falls Campground  | Rainbow Falls Provincial Park
Fishing & Hunting 
Fishing for various species of fish are available such as pickerel, northern pike, whitefish, perch and suckers. The cold water lakes have lake trout, speckled trout, whitefish, ling and suckers. Many Animals that are found in this area may include moose, deer, timber wolves, fox, lynx, black bear, mink, marten, muskrat, beaver, snowshoe hare, and red squirrels. Contact your local Ministry of Natural Resources for regulations and information on licenses. You need a valid license to fish or hunt in our area.
Wildlife Viewing & Photography
attractions_wildlife.jpg (34856 bytes) Wildlife commonly found in the region include moose, deer, owls, wolves, skunks and the largest unpredated herd of woodland caribou known. Caribou are found on the Slate Islands and thrive there due to the lack of predators around them. They can often be seen swimming across the bay or walking along the shore. 
Rossport is a four season getaway. From the Ice Fishing to snowshoeing, cross country and downhill skiing, to hiking or snowmobiling, there is something for everyone.  Choose the wilderness trails, or stick with the groomed snowmobile and cross country ski trails and enjoy winter like never before.  Play during the day and then in the evening enjoy fine dining and stay over and relax at one of our cosy Bed and Breakfasts or the Guest House.

rossport_winter.jpg (12963 bytes)

We have a beautiful area for snowmobiling. If you enjoy breathtaking scenery and like the challenge of a good ride, then we invite you to come and experience what our region has to offer. You won't be sorry that you did! For information on our area and on planning your winter getaway, visit North of Superior Snowmobile Assoc.

Skiing Downhill Crosscountry
Trestle Ridge Ski Hill Terrace Bay:
 Trestle Ridge offers 5 ski runs ranging from beginner to intermediate-advanced, along with a half pipe for snowboarding. They offer a fully equipped rental shop including snowboards, with snowboard and ski lessons available. Why not start planning your winter vacation today?
The Superior Cross Country Ski Club is a not for profit organization run by local volunteers.
Rainbow Falls Trails
Between Schreiber & Rossport
6km of groomed trails 
Classical & skate style skiing